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Here are some of the culture and nature that awaits you

Your host family will be happy to help connect you with local guides and activities. 
Some may have additional costs.

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Gandoca Beach

The town's main road ends at the beach.  Always a great place to hang out and enjoy the afternoons.


Futbol Field

Gandoca is home to a beautiful futbol field to enjoy.  Many Sunday's the community gathers to eat and play.  It's a great way to get to know the kids and adults of Gandoca.


Lagoon Tour

Hop in a boat and enjoy a guided trip through  the lagoon. You'll surrounded by 5 species of mangrove trees.  This unique ecosystem is a great place to see Spider monkeys, white face monkeys and howler monkeys,  sloths.  It is  home of many species of birds, tropical fish, and sometimes even manatees. ​

2 Hour Tour

COST Varies

Walking Gandoca

You'll usually need a guide to explore the private trails, but there's still plenty to explore on your own.  It's a great way to familiarize yourself with the people and places of town.  There are also birds, monkeys, caiman, butterflies, and much more wildlife to be observed as you walk the gravel streets of Gandoca.

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Turtle Project

Though the beaches are smaller there is still some turtle nesting each year.  Leatherback sea turtles are the oldest species of sea turtle remaining from the dinosaur era.  Gandoca beach is also home of green and hawksbill sea turtles, all of which are endangered.  There are local  biologists to connect with while you're here and sometimes opportunities to help with releasing newly hatched babies.

Available March - November


Cacao Processing
And Chocolate Making

Follow the process from start to finish as you learn how the fruit is fermented and processed to make Cacao and chocolate.  Cacao has a rich history in this area and is a favorite medicine for many.

COST Varies


Horseback Riding

Many families have horses.  Explore around Gandoca trails through the jungle and beach enjoying a horseback ride tour throughout the community surroundings.

COST Varies

Guided Jungle Tour

While there are plenty of trails to explore, it is helpful to have someone guide you deeper into the jungle.  It's a great way to learn about the importance of the flora and fauna and enjoy its beauty. 

4 Hour Tour

COST Varies

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Surf Lessons

While not a destination for surfers, there are steady waves most times of the year.  For those newer to surfing it's great to have a guide but there are lessons available for all skill levels.  Board rentals are also available.

COST Varies

Walk To Punta Mona

When the weather allows, you can walk an hour to Punta Mona.  The permaculture farm there is currently closed to visitors, but the beachfront gardens provide a great place to spend the afternoon.  When the ocean is calm you can snorkel around the reef.

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Many in the community fish along the beaches with hand lines.  Some people go out with their host families, some hire a guide, and some try your their own luck.  Hint, the birds will sometimes give you clues to where the fish are.

Beach Cleanups

Most weeks there is a community beach cleanup one afternoon.  It takes consistent effort to remove and sort plastics and other waste that washes up on the shores.

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Coconut Oil Workshop

Start with a coconut harvest and learn how to process them for milk and oil.  Coconuts are one of the most important resources of this region.

Dolphin Tour

Departure by boat from Gandoca Lagoon to the Caribbean sea, exploring the coast line in search of 3 kinds of dolphins (bottle nose, tucuxi and Atlantic spotted dolphin).  You can add on a visit to Punta Mona where you can enjoy a swim and some snorkeling if the ocean is calm.

COST Varies based on group size

3-4 Hours

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