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Special Offer for English Teachers

We're currently looking for people to offer English classes in Gandoca.  This is a big priority for both the kids and adults in Gandoca, and we're excited to offer a 50% reduction in the cost of our program.  Space is limited.

Details about the Opportunity

Participants in this program enjoy all the perks of the cultural exchange program, however, instead of morning service in the farm you'll be responsible for teaching English classes throughout each week. 

Here are the specifics.

  • You'll be expected to offer about 13 hours of class per week.​

  • 6 classes each week to the kids (1.5 hours each class)

  • 2 Classes each week for the adults (2 hours each)

  • Receive 50% off program cost ($18/night)

  • 1 month minimum is preferred.

  • Those with previous experience are given priority

  • Small class sizes of about 6 people.

While there is much abundance to celebrate in Gandoca, educational opportunities are something severly lacking.  The children receive about two hours of class each day, and because their teachers have a long commute, they often have classes cancelled without notice.  Be a part of connecting with the families and providing enriching opportunities for the kids and adults.  They love to connect and learn.  We currently only have two families that speak English and we've seen that on average they receive twice as many opportunities than those who only speak Spanish.  We're so excited to have your help!

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